Activity title

Capacity-Building Workshop on Enhancing the Arms Control System in Palau

07/11/2017 - 10/11/2017


Activity description
As part of the project ‘Enhancing Palau’s Arms Control System: Ready to Meet Arms Trade Treaty Obligations’, on 7-10 November 2017, the Government of Palau and the Centre for Armed Violence Reduction (CAVR) hosted at the Palau Royal Resort the Palau National Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) Workshop, funded by the ATT Voluntary Trust Fund (ATT VTF). Representatives of the Palau Working Group for the Arms Trade Treaty, CAVR and the Stimson Centre (USA) met at the event to explore the steps required to ratify the ATT. The Government of Palau was represented, inter alia, by officials from the Vice President’s Office and the Ministry of State. The workshop first explored all the key obligations enshrined within the ATT, including detailed discussions about the scope of the Treaty, transfer risk assessment criteria and reporting and record-keeping obligations. Participants took part in a number of training modules to develop institutional, administrative, legislative and legal baselines – and develop a clear picture of the possible changes required in the laws and processes of Palau to ratify and effectively implement the ATT. In addition, participants visited the Commercial Seaport of Palau, and were given a detailed insight into how the port operates, how the security and oversight protocols are implemented, and a meaningful discussion of some of the immediate and long-term needs. Delegates also joined the Palau Marine Law Enforcement patrol for a hands-on monitoring and surveillance exercise.

Project description
The project ‘Enhancing Palau’s Arms Control System: Ready to Meet Arms Trade Treaty Obligations’ aims at preparing Palau’s public servants and officials on a sub-regional and national level to effectively implement the ATT. Its goal is to empower Palau officials with the tools to present to the congress the legislative improvements required to approve ratification. This is also in order to allow Palau’s active engagement as a State Party of the ATT. Finally, this project encourages officials from the Federate States of Micronesia and the Republic of Marshal Islands to begin the accession process — further universalising the Treaty.

Focus of Activity

International instruments
Reporting on arms transfers
Transfer controls
Risk assessment

Type of Activity

Institutional capacity-building
Legal or legislative assistance
Sensitization and outreach


Marshall Islands
Micronesia (Federated States of)


Centre for Armed Violence Reduction (CAVR)
Pacific Small Arms Action Group (PSAAG)


ATT Voluntary Trust Fund (VTF)


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