Activity title

NATO Partnership for Peace Trust Fund project Jordan IV

01/01/2018 - 31/12/2020


Activity description
The NATO Partnership for Peace Trust Fund project Jordan IV is to set the conditions for a self-sustaining Jordanian ammunition demilitarisation capacity. The following three initiatives will be implemented over 24 months’ period: (a) Demilitarisation Centre: through the development of procedures and accreditation, the project will support HQ Ammunition Command to provide the frameworks and tools to sustainably manage and conduct demilitarisation. This will include environmental management and resource planning; (b) Propellant Surveillance: the project will provide additional test equipment capacity for analysing legacy ammunition systems and will support accreditation as an international laboratory. Support will also be given for Jordan’s involvement in NATO Ammunition Safety Group activities; (c) Destruction and Recycling: the project will support destruction of 240 gross tonnes of ammunition identified as unsuitable for service and as a priority through testing. The process will also trial recycling and recovery to maximise returned revenue to resource this and future demilitarisation activities.

Project description
The project on explosives' safety in Jordan has been funded through the NATO Trust Fund Mechanism. In 1999, NATO established the NATO Partnership for Peace (PfP) Trust Fund mechanism to assist partners with risks related to ageing arms, ammunition, anti-personnel mines, missiles, rocket fuel, chemicals and unexploded ordnance. The NATO PfP Trust Fund Policy was initially established in September 2000 in order to assist partners in meeting the Ottawa Convention obligations. The policy then expanded to include the destruction of SALW, ammunition and mines, improving their physical security and stockpile management, and also address the consequences of defence reform. NATO Allies and partners fund and execute these projects through NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA) as the main executing agent. Each project has a lead nation(s), which oversees the development of project proposals along with the NATO International Staff and the executing agent. Trust Fund projects may be initiated by a NATO member or partner country to tackle specific issues and they are funded by voluntary contributions from individual NATO Allies, partner countries, and more recently also NGOs. They are often implemented in cooperation with other international organisations and NGOs.

Focus of Activity

Small Arms and Light Weapons (SALW)
Inventory and stockpile management

Type of Activity

Technical material or financial assistance




North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)




1,300,000 EUR


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