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BICC Guide on Weapon Categories in Small Arms and Light Weapons


'Global distribution and visual identification - SALW Categories' BICC, 2017

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Bonn International Center for Conversion (BICC)

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Inventory and stockpile management, Small arms and light weapons (SALW), Information sharing

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The Guide is designed to build knowledge on and capacity for recognizing different categories, types and models of the most commonly used SALW in global conflicts. It also serves as a database on the global and country-specific spread of these weapons and facilitates their identification by way of visual descriptions and technical specifications. With this Guide, BICC aims to support the international SALW control community in their efforts to compose, implement and comply with SALW control measures in the context of the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT), the UN Programme of Action on SALW (PoA) and beyond. The Guide includes data on over 80 types of SALW. For each weapon, where available, data is provided on whether the weapon is possessed by governmental bodies (e.g. military, police, etc.) or non-governmental groups (e.g. private citizens, non-state armed groups, etc.).